The Button War by Avi

The Button War deserves 5 out of 5 birds from me! I was recommended this book by a school librarian who knows that my taste isn’t unicorns, rainbows, and happiness. It was opposite of that. The Button War had a feeling similar to Lord of the Flies….

When I was reading it I was under the impression it was a Middle Grade book and I was appalled. Since then I have been corrected and know it’s a YA and so the craziness in it is totally fine.

It’s sad, exciting, and a page turner. I felt like it was super easy to read and would be a good book for that teen who thinks reading is for losers. War books are never my jam- but The Button War had a fresh take on it. It does have death in it… Just as an FYI, but despite it’s darkness I really like it. I will never look at a fancy button the same.

I bought this one on Thriftbooks and am glad I have it! Also, I’m in love with the cover.

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