The Burning by Laura Bates

I sadly give The Burning a 3 out of 5 birds. I’d do 2.5 but no one wants to see half a bird…

I want to thank NETGALLEY for a free copy of this book in exchange for my HONEST review.

I wanted to LOVE this book but I did not. If you want to know the topics we talked about in my MANY women’s and gender classes in college is in this book. It was jam packed with issues. They weren’t subtle either. It was overwhelming to try and wrap my mind around all of the things these teens were going through.

I was intrigued by the witch plot line- but after making through a few of her monologues I spaced out and skimmed them.

Overall the book was on some of the most important topics in our society, but it was executed in a way that was messy, confusing, and overbearing. It probably needed another edit or two.

I hate saying this because I know how hard it is to write a book, especially this type. So for that- You go Girl!

It has swearing, sex talk, bullying, talk of porn, sexting. At this point you get the gist… It has a lot. Do I recommend it? Sadly, I don’t 😦

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