Mrs. Piggle Wiggle by Betty MacDonald

I give Betty Macdonald 5 out of 5 birds for Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle! I read this one with my four and three year old (she only lost interest once or twice). This book had a few more pages in between pictures which was a stretch for us, but the story was engaging enough for us to continue. We loved reading about the cures. I’ve had fun claiming to my children, “If you don’t do this….. enter literally everything I ask…… I will call Mrs Piggle Wiggle.” It’s worked like a charm the past few days. Both my girls loved the radish cure and the bickering cure (I think that’s what it was called). I did find myself either changing the language of certain things or explaining just because there is such a time period difference now. This was a book my mom read to me growing up and it gave me so much joy to read it to my kids!

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