White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

Robin DiAngelo deserves a full five out of five birds for White Fragility. This book was absolutely eye opening to me. We are starting a new era, white people are recognizing that racism isn’t one act but is systematic. I’ve always taught my children black people and white people are EQUAL and there is no difference between us. I am wrong. We should be equal but I need to be teaching my children that because of skin color people have a harder time in life and that when we see that happen WE NEED TO STAND UP! 

Another eye opening perspective was when the Robin talked about Jackie Robinson. He wasn’t he first black person to make it into MLB he was the first black person that WHITE people LET INTO MLB. Many black people were talented enough to enter the game, but couldn’t because the white men hadn’t decreed it okay. 

I think everyone should read this book. I don’t consider myself racist, but while reading this I found things that I too STILL need to work on. I am working my hardest to become an ally for black men and women. I am here and I hear you. 

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