Loyalty by Avi

Hey Avi! I was in-between 4 and 5 birds, but I’ll give you the full 5. I was given an e-book copy for free from Netgalley in exchange for my super honest review. I’ve read Avi’s Button War and really liked it, so I jumped at the opportunity to read this one. I liked how it was written in journal entries. The beginning of the book and the gruesome death was everything I wanted as a kid. I loved it. The middle was a little slow, but I felt like the end was strong. While it was in the 1770’s I felt a lot applied to now. We are all looking for something to be loyal to, Avi highlighted this in their author’s note too. It makes you think, the history was interesting (and mostly accurate), and highlighted a friendship between a white boy and a black teen who was free and not enslaved. So many learning opportunities for a young reader. This one would be worth the read!

This book drops of February 1, 2022! 

**I must add, I would have read this much faster, however I got pregnant right after I started it and had to take a few months off because I couldn’t stop throwing up…. Not a reflection on the book itself.

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