Mrs Bird

I am CLARE. I am a thirty-something who sometimes still passes as a 14 year old.  Bird-122I was born and raised in Boise Idaho, with my fellow FIVE siblings. I am daddy’s little girl, my mom is my best friend. I graduated from Utah State, and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Studies, minors in Family Human Development and  Women’s and Gender Studies, and a concentration in Computer Science, all in FOUR years! I worked full time as a social media consultant until my kids showed up and now a few hours a week. I’ve written three of my own novels, one being The Cost of Silence in 2017 and won NaNoWriMo Fan Favorite. I’m constantly editing them and querying.

My husband recently finished his residency in San Diego and accepted a job in Fort Smith, Arkansas as a Foot and Ankle surgeon. Now he’s on call half the month, to entertain myself, I read and write in between playing with our three kids.

I don’t remember a day growing up that my mother didn’t sit down and read to me. When you read to your kids, you give them the world. In the past six years I have tried increase the books I read a year and be more adventurous in what I read. I have found it’s not often that I read I book I don’t like or learn something new. When I pick up a book I get to experience the world from the comfort of my own home while saving a lot of cash- #medschooldebt. One day I will travel the world, until then I will live through the pages of others.

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  1. Sister Vaterlaus, I know you do not remember me, but I was the person that asked you for a Book of Mormon when you were at the Visitors center in Palmyra either in 2009 or 2010 and I told you I wanted to give the Bus driver a Book of Mormon I already given out the Books I had on the trip and I did not have any more. You gave the Book of Mormon to me and you told me that if I gave the book out to e-mail you, because you got credit for it. If you remember I did e-mail you and now every once awhile I see you on face book.

    The reason I am writing I see sometime this week it is your Birthday, I couldn’t see the exact date it just said you have Birthday this week. I was going to send you a Birthday card and a small gift, but I did not have a mailing address. So instead what I would like you to do is go to my web site and where it say’s send a free card, I would like you to send a HEARTFELT card to someone you care about. My Website is

    By the way I don’t ever know if the bus driver read the book or not.

    My son Spencer graduated from Utah State University in Accounting and he is here in Kennewick, WA. working for Kadlec hospital. By other son Tyler graduated from BYU Idaho an he an accountant at Boise State University.

    Going through all this I wanted to take a moment wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and the best in all you do!

    Bob Harris


  2. Bob-
    I actually do remember when you came and asked me for a Book of Mormon. You know what whether he read it or not, its okay, in the end is has the opportunity now, thanks to you! Thank you for the Birthday wish, I am turning 23 this Sunday! That is so neat that we both have ties to USU and BSU. I would love to send a card to someone, thank again, and I hope you have a great holiday season.



  3. Hi Clare,

    We have not met, I found you by Googling the words Vaterlaus and Utah. My name is Robin Weiss and I do not make a habit of late night random Google searches by last name. My maternal grandfather was Emil Vaterlaus and I wonder if you are any relation?

    I live in the Seattle area and have a home in Smithfield Utah, just north of Logan. My husband and I have a daughter who attends Utah State and hopes to serve a mission this year. We also have several children who live in the Boise, ID area.

    It is interesting that you served in Visitor Center in Palmyra in 2009 or 2010, I traveled to Palmyra in Sept, 2009 and April 2010.

    I’d love to find family members and establish ties that bind our family together. If you wish we can begin a correspondence please let me know.

    Best regards,

    Robin Weiss


  4. Nice to meet you. Good luck with your life and your blog. Thanks so much for visiting my author page and for liking it. I look forward to chatting again soon. Keep up the good life and blogging.


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