Being an Aunt.

I am a true millennial. You all know that. I live in my parents house and I don’t even get to live in the basement. In the past few weeks I have been trying to focus some of my time with my niece and nephews. I have realized how LUCKY I am to live with them. Even though they can keep me on my toes at 6 years old with their witty comebacks, I do enjoy their company.

best aunt everI thought without a doubt that my next roommate would be a husband. Boy was I wrong. On Sunday my newest roommate Madison moved in to the room right next to me. We share a Jack and Jill bathroom (she insists on calling me her roommate). She recently turned nine and is turning into a beautiful girl. It was so cute to see her move her things. I have never seen someone her age so organized, she definitely did not inherit her aunt’s messiness. She informed me that she would give me reminders about cleaning my room and will remind me to keep the bathroom up to her expectations. I was just hoping that she would leave me a passive aggressive note and then it would be just like college (that was passive aggressive)! I remember being her age and all I wanted was to be like my older sisters. She gives me a chance to feel like an older sister, something I never experienced. I can say she is one of my favorite roommates… She cleans, is quite, and calls me her aunt 🙂 Madison is wise beyond her years, I can unfortunately say that right now she would make a better housewife than I would. I love that she is always willing to serve those around her, even when she doesn’t want to.

hayes birthdayHayes…. It is hard to describe this boy. He is one of a kind. He is the smartest and most witty child I have ever met. He is full of good one liners and is protective of his siblings. Madison was his roommate before she moved upstairs. They spent every waking moment together. They are best friends. This morning I went down stairs to get my pop tarts before jetting off to work when I found Hayes. He was ready for school and hour early and looked kind of sad. I asked him how he was doing and he replied with okay… I asked him if he was excited for school, and he said kind of, and then it hit me… So I asked do you miss Madison? My seven year old nephew replied with yes, I do. Even though they live a floor away, they both miss each other. If that doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will… Hayes has shown me so many things, but his pure love and passion is what inspires me most.

piercePierce, he is my little guy. When I say little, I in no way mean little. He is the size of a new born buffalo I am sure, his laugh and smile are more contagious than the plague.  There is nothing that makes me happier than when he comes and sits on my lap. Not only is it a good leg work out, but he is just so cute. He is a feisty little bugger with a tender heart. Some of his favorite things to do are to smell things and feel soft blankets. The other night I came home around 9:45 ready to go to bed. Pierce was still up and I decided it would be pathetic if I was in bed before my 1.5 year old nephew. He was wired and I was starving. It was the perfect storm. He followed me around and we enjoyed some mint Oreos. I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched chocolate cover his face. This kid can always eat no matter on a train, a plane, or in the rain. Pierce has taught me patience (in a good way) and has also shown me how innocent and precious God’s little children are.

I love being an aunt. There is no greater thing than being part of these little lives and seeing them grow up. I am one lucky aunt, not many people get to see their niece and nephews as the grow and learn every day. I have been very blessed to have them in my life!all three


The Garden

threegirls Me- Chloe-Summer

thegardenAs a college student I try to stay as cultured as one can, without smelling like rotten milk… (that was a joke) I went to the play “The Garden”  staring one of my good friends Chloe Hanson. We tend to support ex-roommates, and that is exactly what she is. She has been doing quite a few plays with the Four Seasons Theater here in Logan Utah (link). This play was representing what Christ went through in the Garden of Gethsemane. It was a great representation of what our Savior went through for us. Everyone who was in the production was dressed in all black, which is my favorite color. Satan was well portrayed, maybe to good… The play is written by the infamous Michael McLean  who wrote “The Forgotten Carols.” I saw that play for the first time this last Christmas and loved it. This play is much shorter, and also has a great meaning to it. I know that my Savior suffered the Atonement for me, and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t use it. I am very proud of Chloe and her hard work, it was fun to see her thrive on stage!


Blowing The Yoke

egg14RJBVttTz27LoDT2_86n5hIlsMG0MLri7OkQbavAfMsI know this is a little late…However it is still a great activity to do on a date, with kids, or if you are a trumpet player… An Easter tradition that my family participates is commonly refereed to as “blowing eggs.” I know it sounds absolutely disgusting, because honestly it kind of is… I realize now that my mother had us to this as a child to keep up busy and distracted for ours. She is the MASTER OF DISTRACTION, which makes her a wonderful mother. What you do is take just a regular egg and stick a pin or sewing needle through the top and bottom of the egg, and then you blow the yoke out. (I have included a gallery if you just don’t believe me). After, the eggs insides have been completely eliminated wash that sucker out and dry it off. After you apply tiny scrapes of tissue paper using water and glue.


It has become tradition for Rica to join my family for Easter while living in Utah. I begged her to come so we could participate in this awkward tradition. We were joined by my roommate Amanda and her Alaskan friend Kaylie and my brother who is not pictured. It was a great Easter full of friends, family and food! We only suffered one broken egg this year, I guess it was an Easter miracle…

Until Next Year Eggs!

This is the gallery of Freshman Year Easter

Blind Date Manipulation

One of my favorite things to do is manipulate people into doing weird things… I usually egg it on because I know they wont really follow through. I was proven wrong. This Sunday there were some visitors in our kitchen, and honestly they looked so cute together, but SHOCKER, they had just met. I couldn’t just let a match made in Heaven get away like that so I decided to play cupid early this year and tried to set them up. It was not your conventional set up. I told them I would supply a one hour date if they both agreed to show up Wednesday night. I told them it would be the most creative date they had ever been on. I was definitely awestruck when they both said yes. The boy then turned to the girl and asked her out, just like a gentleman should…After that, all I could think was what did I get myself into!? In the midst of crunch time of the semester I now had to plan a date, that I wouldn’t even be going on. Joke was on me and my love for manipulating situations. So today I went out and bought two boxes of ice cream, did I mention I don’t even eat ice cream (#lacosteproblems). I figure I can let them make ice cream snowmen with carrot noses and all. I know they will have to get there hands dirty, but don’t fear I for saw this problem and addressed them to wear short sleeves. All I can say now is if they end up doing the whole fall in love thing, I better receive credit or something, at least name their first born after me. (Clare can work as both a boy name and a girl name) Well I better go get ready for my big date tonight!

That I am supplying for someone else, don’t worry I will see if I can creepily take some pictures and get some good quotes…

Mercy From My Mates


In my earlier post about my spur of the moment surgery I had mentioned how my mother was unable to come attend to my every needs… I don’t think I realized how much help I was really going to need after having my foot torn to pieces. After my initial doctors appointment, I had thought to myself, oh my roommates are great they will help me. The one in the picture has her CNA, and so she would be a professional. They had all agreed to help me out. I don’t think they had ANY IDEA what they were getting themselves into. I have never been so impressed…My roommates literally waited on me day and night. One of them even cleaned out a bowl I had puked in, now that is true charity. My roommates had set up a schedule to come and switch my ice out every two hours throughout the night and to remind me to take my painkillers. I can not imagine how hard it was for them to hear an alarm at 2 am and have to get out of bed to bring me ice. I was so humbled, to see that they were true disciples of our Savior Jesus Christ. It may sound silly, but the acts of kindness they performed for me will forever be engrained in my mind and hold as a testimony of charity. They had put my needs before theirs, and sacrificed their time and wants to help me. I know that my recovery could have been awful if it was not for my roommates selfless acts and my neighbors willingness to help (even to shower…don’t worry I declined). I would sign any waiver for any future husband that these are good women and that they would be well taken care of.






Last Minute Surgery….


Some people are born with certain talents. I claim mine as watching tv, golfing, public speaking, and well weird health issues… On October 18th 2012, I went in for Foot Reconstruction. In laymen terms, I had bunions…but what almost 23 year old wants to admit to “old people” feet, not me! It was a short notice surgery, but with the health care system right now I figured I should get it done while I had already had half my deductible met. When I broke the news to my parents, they were less than thrilled, my mom replied with “Well I cant be there, so if you can find someone to take care of you go for it.” A SURGERY WITHOUT MY MOM!? I did not think he could be done, she is a master of healing. However I had a brother and many dedicated roommates step up to the plate and take care of me. I went in early for an surgery, where the anesthesiologist started to dope me up. He asked me about my boy situation and apparently I went off about 7 different ones… The doctor made two incisions that were quite long, broke some bones, shaved some off, and put in three screws. I feel like a transformer, maybe I can star in the transformers 7…is that the one we are on? Anyways I will continue to share the after affects of my newly crippled life!

AFTER (LEFT SIDE)                                                                                             AFTER (RIGHT SIDE)

Press Box Princess


Last night I can honestly saw that I felt like a Princess. The requirements of this were simple I felt like a straight up VIP.  My roommate works at our holy spectrum, where we bring teams to tears. She invited all of her roommates to come sit with her in the press box during the women’s volleyball game. As my friend pointed out, yes I could have had any seat in the house and its probably not really that big of a deal. However, for a lowly commoner like myself it was a pretty big deal. It was not only SPECIAL because we were the only ones in there but we had seats that could roll, rise, and were comfortable. Unfortunately the game was a blow. We lost the first three sets even with our (self proclaimed) beast and mini on the team. The good news is I can now cross off Press Box Princess off my Utah State Bucket List, and feel comfortable graduating in May!

The Hoolagans Above

My roommates and I live on the second floor. Which obviously means there are people above us, and people below us…In my years of living in student housing, I have mastered the skills of being seen but not heard. Unfortunately the girls that live above us have not. It usually occurs around midnight, that they must start either clogging or Irish dancing. The noise is incredibly annoying, however we have all learned to deal with it, and have said nothing so to keep the peace. Yesterday, one of my roommates was asked out on a date. A date that the rest of us had been pulling for. While all of us screamed for joy (like little school girls), one of my roommates started hitting things with a magazine. Just as I was making the connection that she was trying to kill a fly, a knock was heard. Not just any knock, but a fierce one. When we answered the door, it was one of our neighbors from upstairs. She had come to make sure we were alive, and to inform us that they could hear us up stairs… Most people would turn right back and yell at them for being loud. But we were just so impressed with how concerned they were about us and their responding time. It just looks like the next time it sounds like the circus is in town, I can run upstairs and just “check” on them.

Chalk Dance

Once an Aggie, Always an Aggie…Or so they tell me. The leaves are beginning to change, and Utah States Homecoming is here. I had the privilege of being nominated for Homecoming royalty, and then didn’t pass the interview. I bet I would have if I said more about world peace… Which is okay, because now I can attend my very first DEBATE tournament in the far land of…Twin Falls… Anyways, we started off the week with some street painting, that I obviously skipped because my lack in the art department, and burned some calories at the chalk dance. It was quite the event. Hundreds of students came, and for some odd reason, we threw chalk in the air and at each other. I don’t know who decided that we had to add “things” to a dance to make it more fun, but I am not opposed. I went with some friends/roommates and we got dirty I guess you could say… The chalk was everywhere, the first throw left me with a blue tongue and clouded eyes. We started to rub the chalk into each others hair, and all I could think was please don’t wake up with green hair. We ended the night early so we could still get hot water, and if your wondering, my hair came clean, but I can’t say the same for my clothes…

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