Miley’s Newest Song: I Came In Like a Rainbow

Miely Cyrus RAINBOWOkay, I know that I am not always the sharpest tool in the shed, but I do like to think that I am somewhat familiar with pop culture. I have even dedicated more of my time to listening to the radio on my daily commute. I have enjoyed listening to the ridiculous radio show host’s and wonder what they look like, I like to think I might be a winner of one of these Jay-Z concert tickets, and enjoy finishing my day with a little bit of Clarissa Jenkins. Along with the radio banter I hear some of the same songs over and over and over again. One that is constantly played is one of the infamous Miley Cyrus. After her major twerk incident on national television, radio stations were constantly playing her songs so they could talk about her. Early one morning one of her songs came on, and I was like this is the dumbest song in America, “I CAME IN LIKE A RAINBOW?” I thought, Miley has done it now, she had even put a description to how a rainbow makes an entrance. At first I despised the song, and then I had a similar reaction to Emma Stone in Easy A and her card with I’ve Got a Pocket Full of Sunshine. I craved for the song to come onto the radio, because I couldn’t find it online. It perplexed me that she could write a song about how she came in like a rainbow, I contemplated the meaning. Maybe she was referring to her self as a pot of gold, or that her personality included all the colors of the rainbow, or she really only performs well when life is wet, dark, and dreary. It made me question life a little bit… That is when I decided to run this song past my friend Amanda. One day after work I called her and asked if she had heard Miley’s newest song “I came in like a rainbow?” She responded with no, is it any good? I started to sing it for her, and then the she started laughing so hard that I thought she was possibly possessed. Amanda said no Clare, it’s “I came in like a wrecking ball.” Well I can now consider that my most embarrassing moment in 2013… Miley hoodwinked me again, oh that Hannah Montana! But seriously in my defense go listen to the song and see if you hear “I came in like a rainbow”, I bet it’s her next song…


You Tell That Zoo Keeper!

Aunt Clare VaterlausOne of my favorite things about being a #truemillennial is living with my family. I look forward to coming home from work and being hugged by my little guy (my 1 year old nephew), and then hearing about my older niece and nephew’s day at school. Yesterday, I came home and my sister showed me what she was given at the parent teacher conference. I literally could not stop laughing. Hayes is a bright little 6 year old who reads at a 3rd grade level, and has the wit of an adult. On his test he had given a few different solutions, but his last comment to the teacher was what left me in a laughing fit. “P.S I’ed let some of my monkeys starve.”  I love the way kids think 🙂 If this doesn’t brighten your day I don’t know what will!

The Garden

threegirls Me- Chloe-Summer

thegardenAs a college student I try to stay as cultured as one can, without smelling like rotten milk… (that was a joke) I went to the play “The Garden”  staring one of my good friends Chloe Hanson. We tend to support ex-roommates, and that is exactly what she is. She has been doing quite a few plays with the Four Seasons Theater here in Logan Utah (link). This play was representing what Christ went through in the Garden of Gethsemane. It was a great representation of what our Savior went through for us. Everyone who was in the production was dressed in all black, which is my favorite color. Satan was well portrayed, maybe to good… The play is written by the infamous Michael McLean  who wrote “The Forgotten Carols.” I saw that play for the first time this last Christmas and loved it. This play is much shorter, and also has a great meaning to it. I know that my Savior suffered the Atonement for me, and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t use it. I am very proud of Chloe and her hard work, it was fun to see her thrive on stage!


My Life On an E-Card

mylife This E-CARD describes my every day life. I have been told multiple times that I am a blunt person, my question is, why does everyone think it is such a bad thing!? I try VERY hard not to be offensive, but why lie to someone just to make yourself look better, or them feel better?

Lets be honest….(no pun intended)… Everyone is thinking the truth but not everyone shares it. Now occasionally there are some miscommunications that occur and that’s life. Forgive and Forget or just pick new friends who have the same sarcasm as you.

In my Organizational Communication class one of our final papers is titled the “honesty paper.” We are supposed to go two days with complete honesty. I have been going for two days and have tried to be hyper aware of my honesty, and have said things that I had to take back because I had exaggerated them, or added to the story, but it was never intent of my message that had to be altered. I am not saying that I am AMAZING at telling the truth… But this exercise has helped me a lot, who knew what you learned in college could actually be useful? Try it out and let me know your experiences… or not whatever…

Blowing The Yoke

egg14RJBVttTz27LoDT2_86n5hIlsMG0MLri7OkQbavAfMsI know this is a little late…However it is still a great activity to do on a date, with kids, or if you are a trumpet player… An Easter tradition that my family participates is commonly refereed to as “blowing eggs.” I know it sounds absolutely disgusting, because honestly it kind of is… I realize now that my mother had us to this as a child to keep up busy and distracted for ours. She is the MASTER OF DISTRACTION, which makes her a wonderful mother. What you do is take just a regular egg and stick a pin or sewing needle through the top and bottom of the egg, and then you blow the yoke out. (I have included a gallery if you just don’t believe me). After, the eggs insides have been completely eliminated wash that sucker out and dry it off. After you apply tiny scrapes of tissue paper using water and glue.


It has become tradition for Rica to join my family for Easter while living in Utah. I begged her to come so we could participate in this awkward tradition. We were joined by my roommate Amanda and her Alaskan friend Kaylie and my brother who is not pictured. It was a great Easter full of friends, family and food! We only suffered one broken egg this year, I guess it was an Easter miracle…

Until Next Year Eggs!

This is the gallery of Freshman Year Easter

The Fault In Our Stars

I’m not the biggest reader, and it is not some hidden fact. I once tried to read Gone With The Wind because I got it for my 16th birthday. When they started to talk about Ashley and Lauren I was like my mom got me a book about two girls falling in love? After that I stuck to Harry Potter… I have started to listen to books on my iPhone instead of reading. My brother Mitch lent me this one to listen to on my way home from Boise. It is a game changing book, when you think of kids with cancer you think SAD, DISMAL, and you just FEEL BAD for the infected. I don’t want to sound insensitive, but that is usually ones reaction. I loved this book because it changed the way I view the subject. It is about young kids who meet in a support group, all suffering from different life long aliments. It showed their good days and their bad days, it exposed their fears and their dreams they would never conquer. The characters often said “The world is not a dream granting machine.” Even with their cancer perks they did not fulfill every last one. Its a story of sadness, love, happiness, family, and TRUE FRIENDSHIP (Monica that does not include you- that’s why a blind teenager egged your car, tell your mom to go back inside). If you get the chance to read the book I encourage you to, your friends will thing you’re making it up when you try and explain it, and your mom will definitely think your making it up. However the lessons learned and the fictional characters you develop a relationship with will leave a mark on your heart…. In the words of Hazel and Gus…Okay

Media Has Messed Me Up!


I am a media buff, I mean seriously quiz me about Netflix and I could totally nail it. (Maybe I shouldn’t be proud of that…) In some of my classes we have talked about the effect that media has had on my generation and the ones after us. I have decided to take a satirical approach on it. Why not embrace it!? I might as well right? I decided I wanted to start posting more videos to YouTube. Enjoy my videos, and I promise I am not this dumb…. I am just adding to the insanity! And lets be honest, its just funny….

Curse of Being a Wallflower

I was flipping through the Utah Statesman when I found this gem. If you have seen the actual movie PERKS of Being a Wallflower you will understand that it was kind of a curse. I thought it was a great movie, for a hipster…It was definitely a heart wrenching tale of a boy with a past that comes out shockingly in the end. I would recommend seeing it with caution. The movie had some great twists and turns, and that is what I LOVE in a movie, so kudos to Chbosky. The movie is overflowing with modern day drama of a kid getting the crap kicked out of him for same sex attraction, and girl and boy problems, death, and than the major twist at the end. If you feel like a trooper go ahead a see it. All I could think during the whole movie is how we need to be kinder to those around us no matter who they are their and their life choices. We don’t have to make their life choices but we can treat them with kindness. For those who are friendless, the odd ones out, many may view you as a “curse” but don’t worry there is always going to be a “perk” behind the typo.

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