Hermana Peacock: New York, New York South Mission

Hermana Peacock 2I have often found myself looking through Hermana Peacock’s blogs and left being inspired. Today on Facebook I saw this post (It’s at the bottom, click on it to make it larger or here to see). I worked with this beautiful sister prior to her mission at EFY and I know she has a strong testimony and is doing great missionary work. Her idea is brilliant. I believe that using the internet to share the gospel is our greatest gift in spreading the gospel. Being part of the pilot blogging mission back in 2011, I have developed a passion for missionary bloggers and using the internet for good. It was my most successful area.I was able to express myself in ways I couldn’t in a one on one interaction. In Hermana Peacock’s plea she asks you to share your stories with her. Your pain, struggles, happiness, and thoughts on the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. Sharing our complete conversion story can have an impact on someone’s life. Many times we think we are alone, or that we are going through something no one would understand. Like me I don’t want the person to sit there and tell me it’s easy or I am making it a big deal. I like to look and see how people came to their decision and solved there problems. Reading it on a blog is the perfect way. I know many of my readers and Facebook friends have stories. I have had deep conversations with many of you and found that your testimony did not come easy, and that keeping it is not a walk in the park. In that aspect you are not alone, let it help someone. Share your testimony.Hermana Peacock


Sister Smithson: Rochester New York

Sister SmithsonYes obviously I have a deep connection with the Rochester mission and so many of the blogs I share come from missionaries who are serving there. I am a huge believe of doing Missionary Work Online. As one of the first missionaries to participate in the Pilot Program in the New York Rochester Mission, it is something that has directed my life. Most missionaries have success in the field, but most of mine was done online. I encourage missionaries to put time and thought into their posts, because they can change lives. With that in mind, here is another missionary blog to add to my treasure box! While scanning through my Facebook Feed today I saw this one and spent some time going through her posts. I was impressed, she shows authenticity in her posts and seems to be a dedicated Sister Missionary… and an excited one! Take a look at her blog, and spread it around. I am sure she would love comments and questions. Her blog is titled The Call of a Lifetime, she could not have put it any better. Receiving a mission call is truly the call of a lifetime.

Elder Riehle: Ghana

Elder Riehle This blog is not one written necessarily by the Elder, but is compiled of emails from him. He was one of my EFY boys a few years ago, and it is exciting to see how well he is doing. His letters home show that he is serving a good mission and is where he needs to be. His clever title “It’s Ghana be the best two years” explains him perfectly. Take a look through his blog and what the progression of the Gospel of Jesus Christ looks like in Ghana.

Elder Bruner: Rochester New York

Brain Image This image caught me off guard. At first I thought it was an art piece. After reading through the blog post, I realized it was something much more. It comes from a post by Elder Bruner, who is currently serving in the New York Rochester Mission. From his blog I learned that we need to listen to those promptings that we get from our Heavenly Father. He had the ability to keep me on the edge of my seat and I felt spiritually uplifted. Check out his blog to see what this picture is really all about!

Sister Kasparian- Western New York

Sister KasparianHere is another great find from Western New York. Sister Kasparian has quite a few good blogs that I enjoyed reading. She is consistent in her posts which I love! Her posts are personal and make you feel a connection.Take a look through her blog and pass it along.

Her Bio: I’m an adventurer. I’m a life-long learner. I’m a nature-lover. I’m a musician. But most importantly, I am a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ! I have chosen to dedicate 18 months of my life to serving my Savior as a missionary of His Church. I left behind my family, friends, job, school, and personal life in Utah and am currently living in New York, with no other purpose but to bless the lives of others and bring them closer to Christ!



Sister Roberts: Western New York

Sister Roberts I enjoy reading sister missionary blogs, because that is what brought me my career. As God hastens his work we are going to see more and more of these wonderful young missionaries share their beliefs through the internet. Sister Roberts is currently serving in Western New York (the same mission I was once in). She talks about how she had not planned on serving a mission, but how God had a different idea. You can read through her blog and see what this sister is up to here, read and follower her!

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