This Old Man Rocks!

What an inspiration, Fred Beckey started climbing when he was 13 and is still climbing as an 89 year old man. I came across this video today, and had so much respect for this man. He is fulfilling his dreams as he climbs the Italian Dolemites. I hope that I am still climbing when I am 89! Until I hit that ripe age, check out one of my first lead climbs this past summer in Provo Canyon here.


There’s a Spider in that HOLE!

climb2This past Summer I went climbing up Rock Canyon in Provo, Utah. In the midst of working the summer camp EFY, it was extremely hard to find time to hit the rocks while balancing 500 kids and 50 counselors. That weekend I was able to lead climb, for my second time. It was still something that I was getting use to and learning about. It was was a somewhat challenging route to lead climb, but was very thrilling. It was full of some surprises, as you can see in the third picture. While climbing, I put my hand up, trusting that it would be a good hold, what I found was something different. A big black SPIDER. I had quite the expression. I am not usually afraid of spiders, however touching it kind of scared me. To my dismay the photographer clicked just at the right time, another appealing photo of my on the internet.



Climbing in the Cold

firstoftheyearYesterday was one of those days where life was just too much. I only have 36 days left of college, and the tests and papers are beginning to pile up. Trying to balance all of that and work is not always the easiest. The pressure yesterday just hit me. I decided the best way to distress was to go climbing, to forget about homework, work, and boys. It was perfect. The rock was freezing, and my toes were cold. But I climbed! We had gone up Logan Canyon, and taken a 15 minute hike to get to the wall. It was snowy, muddy, and so pretty! It was a good climb for the first time this year. As the semester ends all I can think is I better live up my “Free-Ness” while I can! Soon I will be a working woman..


My First Lead Climb

Today I miss rock climbing. As I am frequently referred to now as “bootstrap,” I have been unable to climb. The rush and the thrill that come from these rocks is indescribable as my brother Max would put it. So today I just miss it.

This picture was taken this summer in Boise Idaho with my brother Alex. The rock was a little shaky and it kept breaking off. So I did not get to lead climb an entire wall, but he let me practice clipping in. You can see it is a big jump, but when you go for it you usually get what you want.

Persistence Baby!


Guys That Glow

I have being going on a cornucopia of first dates lately. Something I stress to these young men is creativity. This date blew my mind… He picked me up, and all he had in hand was a mysterious duffel bag. I was instantly excited. He opened my door for me, and the adventure began. He started to drive towards Brigham City, and then found the most random parking lot and pulled it. He handed me a glow stick and we began a hike in the dark into a forest…I may or may not have thought he was going to kill me and leave my body…To my relief, he had set up a picnic in the dark for us! He even provided me with my favorite thing meatball subs. It was a weird concept, but I appreciated not having to use my “manners,” I mean what was the point, he couldn’t see me. Once we had finished eating, he pulled out two white poster boards and a knife. At this point I thought where in the world could this go…It was magical, we cut open glow sticks and made “glow stick” art in this random forest. We had spread the dye everywhere, soon everything was glowing. We both ended up with glowing mustaches, and I accidentally got it in his eyes. Only someone of my caliber could make a boy tear up on a first date. After we had cleaned things up (as best we could), we got back in the car. He took me to the second destination where we had caramel apples and hot chocolate. I was so impressed with his creativity, it was another fun first date!

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