What Makes a Mom.

the kriEvery year, 9 days after Christmas, my mom has a birthday. We both have a common understanding of birthday’s near Christmas (mines 9 days before) and sometimes we feel as if we get the “Christmas/Birthday” shaft. I have been thinking about what to get my mom over the past few weeks and everything I have thought of was just not good enough for my mom. How do you buy a gift for someone who has given you everything in this world? There is nothing I could give that could compare. I finally found some trivial gift that will soon be forgotten (which is okay). Today I wanted to reflect on the gifts my mom has given me.

She is selfless. The first gift she gave me was life. She carried me for 9 months and I know that could not have been easy. She went into labor during my dad’s work Christmas party on a snowy night, and had me without an epidural. I came out with the cord wrapped around my neck multiple times, but once it was cut off I was in my moms arms, safe. I have learned that to become a mother you must be selfless. My mother gave up her college education to have 6 hellions, who have become my family and my best friends. She provided a home for me where I could feel her love and learn from her and my dad. She has taught me the importance of being selfless.

She is kind. Ever since I can remember my mom has shown kindness to everyone who comes into her life. I have always been impressed with her ability to interact with people from all different life styles. She never lets a problem overshadow a person, she focuses on the person first and the problem second. She has taught me that I will never regret being kind to someone.

nutcrackerShe is compassionate. We always joke about how practical she is when it comes to us being sick. Most of the time she will say things like “you’re fine” or “you don’t have a fever,” but I know that she truly does care. I have not been given the healthiest body, it has required many doctor appointments and surgeries. I remember a particular day that my mom taught me a life lesson. I had just had my gallbladder, appendix, and fibromitiosis tumors removed. I was quickly released from the hospital with 5 holes in my stomach.  I was to stay in my Uncle Bret’s room in Logan before driving to Boise with my mom. Uncle Bret has down syndrome and is very particular about his routine. I was messing it up by sleeping in his bed. I remember laying in bed in unbearable pain, throwing up and having Bret wake me up every 15 minutes by saying “My room, you back better, go home.” I couldn’t handle it all, I just needed to sleep. My mom grabbed her pillow and slept in front of my door on the floor the rest of the night so I would not be bothered. She taught me true compassion.

When I think of all of the things my mom has given me, there is nothing I could give her to show her my true appreciation today. I think many times the role of a mother is over looked, or is looked down upon. I can say that without my mom, I would not be the person I am today. I hope that I can be half the woman you are, thank you for everything.  Happy Birthday to my best friend, my Mom, I love you!



Home Sweet Home

homesweethome Many people outside of the Mormon faith think that what happens in the temple is SECRET. I am here to tell you that the things that happen within the Temple are SACRED. Tonight as I was finishing up some work, I felt a prompting to go to the temple. I jumped straight out of bed, threw on some clothes and jetted to the Temple. As I sat waiting for the SESSION to start I was prompted to read Joseph Smith History. I reflected on Joseph and his quest to find an answer. I felt like I could relate in a miniscule way. I am moving to a new place wondering if I should take night classes, focus on work, and even where I should live. I have not yet “moved” to Boise, and so everything is still the unknown. Tonight I felt as if all of the questions were similar to the darkness Joseph Smith experienced before he literally had his answer descend in front of him. I was reassured that all of my questioning thoughts would pass and the darkness would clear. It is amazing what clarity the Temple, scriptures, and prayer can bring to ones life. Have questions about the temple, turn to the truth click HERE 🙂

A True Millennial

true mill I recently graduated from Utah State University with my Bachelors degree. I am a classic Millennial, definitely a narcissist, and not afraid of telling you that I am moving back into my parents house… At least it’s not the basement, it’s the top floor! Growing up, my dreams never included bunking it up with the rents again, but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I’m not necessarily lazy though. I do have my Netflix binges and Hulu hibernation’s, but when it comes to work all I can think of is the infamous Rosie The Riveter and her phrase “We can do it.” I have accepted a full time job, a REAL BIG GIRL JOB. I get to work the classic 9-5 life style and wear the classy clothes. The position I have accepted allows me to drown myself in this ME ME ME Generation. I am a Social Media Manager, and will spend most of my day on the hit social networking sites that are said to be so time consuming…I hope they consume all of my time, time’s money! How I will SAVE all of you, I have no idea, when I have it figured out I will let you know.

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