Stand Up

I like sad stories because they remind me of the opposition we must all face. It's probably not kosher to say I enjoy the sad events in your life, but it shows me we are human. I enjoy feeling sad for the person and the situation that they are going through. I love seeing how... Continue Reading →

Behind Enemy Lines

“I say again that youth today are being raised in enemy territory with a declining standard of morality.” -Boyd K. Packer I loved the talk Counsel to the youth that Elder Packer of the quorum of the 12 apostles gave in the October 2011 General Conference. He spoke to the youth! He talked about how... Continue Reading →

There is a God in this Darkness

This past week many have questioned if there is a God. WHY do bad things happen!? It is never easy to see a life leave this earth, my heart goes out to all those who lost their lives and their families who are left behind to remain strong. What I have figured out for myself... Continue Reading →

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