Stand Up

I like sad stories because they remind me of the opposition we must all face. It's probably not kosher to say I enjoy the sad events in your life, but it shows me we are human. I enjoy feeling sad for the person and the situation that they are going through. I love seeing how... Continue Reading →


YOUTH, you will face challenges every day, like President Monson said, it is inevitable. We cannot PICK and CHOOSE the trials we go through, but we can CHOOSE how we get through them. It is our attitude and pure hearts that will help us make it through the trial. I know that many of you... Continue Reading →

The Garden

Me- Chloe-Summer As a college student I try to stay as cultured as one can, without smelling like rotten milk... (that was a joke) I went to the play "The Garden"  staring one of my good friends Chloe Hanson. We tend to support ex-roommates, and that is exactly what she is. She has been doing... Continue Reading →

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