We Are All Converts…Stay True to Your Faith You Do Have

All one has to say is ELDER HOLLAND and people will shut their mouths sit down and listen... Today he said something very prophetic, " I am not asking you to pretend to have faith you do not have. I am asking you to be true to the faith you do have." We do not... Continue Reading →

Our Foundation is Firm, but is our Agency?

Today I had the opportunity to listen to General Conference. It is something that happens every 6 months, that the LDS faith participates in. Many of the talks were centered on the roles of a man and a women. I was happy that the church was clarifying these roles because of the beliefs that other... Continue Reading →

A Finalized Feminist

This past week I finalized all of my degrees prior to my graduation in MAY! I will be graduating now with an AREA STUDIES in Women and Gender Studies. Now this may give me the title of "Feminist," and man I hate using the F word sometimes, because it is not accepted by everyone... But... Continue Reading →

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