The People I Find: Gaza

There is a lot going on around the world right now. Last week, I received a message from my friend in Jordan who said she had found someone who wanted to share their story. Armen shared her story a few weeks ago, and it gave great perspective on what it is like to live in... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: Beard

Today's post is about Devin. I met Devin last summer as he was wooing my sister. They were married in December and he has become family. There are three things that stick out to me when I think of Devin. His kindness, his laugh, and his beard. When I met Devin, I knew he was... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: Premature

The People I Find started back in February and the very first post was about Whitney. She shared her thoughts about being on bed rest, and how hard it was. I have followed her story of infertility and miscarriages on her blog, and always kept her family in my prayers. Whitney is a fighter, and... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: Comedian

It is not every day you meet a comedian. Last fall I attended a social media seminar put on by the well-known Thubten at Hotel 43 in Boise. I asked Megan what she did and she told me her usual response and followed with a comedian. She started telling me about a festival she was... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: Krista

This week's story is about a girl I grew up with. She lived in the neighborhood next to mine and we often found ourselves in the same classes from elementary school up to high school. There were always two things that I admired about Krista, her beauty and her kindness. In the 15 years that... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: Miss McRae

I am going to be honest with you, I teared up reading this post. I remember this event, it was a few days after I had received my mission call and I was on my way to class. I had texted my brother Mitch a picture of something stupid I had caught on camera... Instead... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: Middle East

This week's post was written by Armen Sultanian, who is from the Middle East. I met Armen while serving a LDS mission in Rochester, New York. She left her country for 18 months so that she could teach people about her Christian faith. She was always the life of the party. The atmosphere in a... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: P.A.U.H

This week's post is about an ex-roommate of mine, and one of my favorites. When I met Chloe, it was the middle of the school year at USU and I was moving in and taking her best friends old room. I walked in and she looked at me and walked straight into her room without... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: Child Abuse

I met this young woman during my first year at college. We had so many opportunities to interact with one another. She has changed me for the better. She has the ability to change a crappy situation into a good one, and the ability to persevere. Her story is sad and inspiring. It is devastating... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: Confidence

This week's The People I Find is about one of my favorite people. Her name is Mekenzi and she is the life of the party. I had the opportunity to work with this girl last summer, and my life has not been the same since. Little did I know that she felt like this, because... Continue Reading →

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