Ready Player One

Ready Player One Life of a Clare BearSomething must be wrong with me. I have always described myself as a professional “show watcher.” I am just really good at watching t.v. It is something that I enjoy, and that I would pick over most things, especially reading. This week I did something completely out of the ordinary… I cheated on my beautiful t.v., with a book. I know how dare I do something like that. I had reached the final few chapters of Ready Player One and decided I was intrigued enough to put the remote down and put on my glasses. I laid in bed, with my heaven sent heated blanket, and read for hours. The book was published in 2011 by Ernest Cline from Texas. I realized while on the plane to Texas that it was the Author’s stomping ground, and it only made the read more interesting to me. I would say the book is a mix between Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Harry Potter. I would only recommend this book to those who lean towards the geeky/nerd side and enjoy media, computers, and video games. The book is full of 80’s references. It is a futuristic book about a world who has become so consumed by technology that they live in an OASIS, a completely computer generated world. The book is about a series of challenges that have to be completed to find the golden egg which in turn gives you billions of dollars. The main character “Z,” journey to find the egg is an exciting one, with everything against him he decides to get the egg or die trying. He falls in love, and experiences the usual teen things, but in a different world. Read it to see what happens!The future is something that I constantly dream about, and so I really enjoy books that can give my mind more fuel for my obsession. This book includes some great twists and turns, and some that I felt were merely added to meet the current cultural trends. It does have swearing and some vulgarity, I did have to skip a few pages. It was interesting to see friends come together only through technology, and to see what incentives can do to people. It was a great read for the geek inside me. As I finished the book I felt a spark of passion for reading. That’s when I decided that maybe something isn’t wrong with me, maybe I could enjoy reading books and becoming fully immersed in the plot and becoming friends with the characters. Now I am not saying I will completely ditch my shows, but I think I can make some room for literature in my life.

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  1. Wait wait wait wait. Let’s get this straight. You skipped PAGES of the book because of some “swearing and vulgarity”?! First, why are you self-censoring yourself? Two, don’t skip entire pages of any book (especially THIS one)! Three, swear words never hurt anyone–they often enhance things! End rant.


    1. Harrison- thank you for spending so much time on my blog this weekend, it seemed as if you had a slow weekend with all the wonderful comments you left! If I remember correctly it is Life of a Clare Bear blog not life of Harrison. I am entitled to skipping pages if I want to keep those things out of my mind. Sure a few swear word might amp a story up, but I don’t need to read about his masturbation…. Thanks, but no thanks.


  2. So you’re self censoring and censoring on you’re blog. Way to not hear different viewpoints from your own. Very Christian of you.


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