There’s a Spider in that HOLE!

climb2This past Summer I went climbing up Rock Canyon in Provo, Utah. In the midst of working the summer camp EFY, it was extremely hard to find time to hit the rocks while balancing 500 kids and 50 counselors. That weekend I was able to lead climb, for my second time. It was still something that I was getting use to and learning about. It was was a somewhat challenging route to lead climb, but was very thrilling. It was full of some surprises, as you can see in the third picture. While climbing, I put my hand up, trusting that it would be a good hold, what I found was something different. A big black SPIDER. I had quite the expression. I am not usually afraid of spiders, however touching it kind of scared me. To my dismay the photographer clicked just at the right time, another appealing photo of my on the internet.



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