My Anchor.

ANCHOR sinkingWe all make mistakes. Did that fact just blow your mind? It shouldn’t have, it is a well-known concept. I am one of those who have made mistakes. I have made some big ones and I have made some small ones there is no denying it. Looking back at some of the mistakes I have made, I think about them as if it was a storm and I am a ship trying to make it through. I could either let the storm overtake my ship or I could put on my xtra tuffs and lower my anchor and let the storm do her best. To master something you must work on it constantly, learn from your mistakes, and learn to always do better the next time. Like I said, we all have storms in our life; it was something we agreed to before we came down to earth. The fact is that most people forget in the midst of these storms that we have an all knowing captain, we have God. He is there to guide our ships; he is there to guide us home.  When a storm comes it is up to the captain to look out for his ship and his crew. God, as our captain, has prepared us for the storms that would enter our lives. He gave us an anchor. He gave us the restored gospel, modern day prophets, the commandments, scriptures, and prayer. God’s tools are not given to hold us back, but have been placed in our lives to keep us safe. We never know exactly when a storm will come, we are never sure when our testimony will falter, or when we will be tempted to step off the path. The one thing that is certain is that our Captain will always be there to lead and guide us. It is up to us to listen and lower our anchor and to do our duties as a crew member. My religion is my anchor. You can look at it and think that my “anchor” holds me down, that’s just the way you see it, and that’s fine. When I look at it, I see it as an anchor that keeps me from sinking so I can return to my captain again one day. I am a crew member, he is my Captain, He is God.



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