The Truffle Shuffle

Okay for Mother’s Day this year I thought I would try out my domesticity and make truffles for those who have had motherly influence over me. I haven’t ever made truffles, and the recipe I picked had ingredients that would potentially make me super ill. So I didn’t taste any, that makes me either super brave or dumb… I will go with both. While I was working away like a woman in the 50’s my husband went fishing. So I was left alone, and thank heavens. When I cook I stress my husband out. The reason? My kitchen turns into a hot mess. I have not made a meal or treat without spilling, dropping, or spraying something everywhere. So I turned my hip hop up high, and I did the truffle shuffle. Here is the simple recipe… Okay it’s not even a recipe, it’s like an infograph that I somewhat followed. truffles

Once I finished the truffles I left them in the freezer for a while and would assemble into boxes as I went. I rolled my truffles in coconut, cocoa, and sea salt. NOTE TO SELF, by big rock sea salt not the little stuff… It’s to deceiving for those who might eat. I handed them out, and people were astounded as to how good they were. I don’t know if they were more shocked that I had baked or that they were good. Overall a successful Mother’s Day gift! Don’t worry I made a video while cooking this time to give you a feel on what it’s likes to be in Clare’s Kitchen.



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