Putting Our Best Foot Forward…

DSCF2011 Well a few months ago Mr. Bird and I put a cat in a bag… Now it’s time to let it out! Mr. Bird and I will be moving to Glendale, Arizona in the middle of July. He has been accepted into Midwestern’s Podiatry Class of 2018. It has been a roller coaster of fun figuring out our future, but we are excited about our decision. We have been very blessed through this process. When Mr. Bird accepted his interview to Midwestern we were told there was a spot available. So we decided it would be worth the trip to fly him out there and interview. When he arrived, he was told that it was false information, and he would be put on a waiting list. We wondered why we would be told that. We felt our chances might be slim in getting into Midwestern and so we accepted at a school in Ohio. Last Thursday Mr. Bird was told that he was number 1 on the wait list and the candidate had not deposited or contacted them at all. We felt a little piece of hope flutter in. Arizona was our top choice because it was closer to Idaho, warmer, and had a smaller class size. We were told we would know Monday morning. It was a long weekend, but we learned patience. We were pleased to hear this morning that Mr. Bird has been accepted. We knew that if someone had told us it was only a wait list spot in the beginning Mr. Bird would not have interviewed there. God works in mysterious was. We are very excited to begin our adventure together. I will continue to work for the same company doing social media remotely. It is an exciting time, bring on the heat (literally) and the scorpions!

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