You CROSSED a Line

ImageMost People would say that the short bus is for the slow…Not in this case! This is our mini bus that took Utah States Debate team to College of Southern Idaho. We met at 8:30am at the bottom of Old Main and crammed on the bus. The bus ride was horrible. I had got so nauseated, and our coach had instituted a no sleeping rule. I can’t pretend, I was overly annoyed at this. Finally we got to the tournament around 1pm, only to find out I was not competing at all until 6:45 that night. Most would think YAY a break, but those hours were spent going OVER and OVER my speech. I had to practice using my four Imagevisual aides. It was a day they went on forever. However once the first match was given, I felt alive. I met my opponent and the topic was given, “Libya has crossed a line.” I was the affirmative and so I made it pretty broad. My opponent started to use personal attacks calling me “naive” and “uneducated.” What I would like to point out is, I won. The debate was thrilling and made the day worth it. I realized how important words can be, the tone and the delivery. We made it through one more debate and then it was time to call it a night. I dragged out my visual aides and found myself on our mini bus. As I scanned my schedule for the next day, barely staying awake, I realized that I would be speaking nonstop for about 12 hours the next day. Overall the first day, I felt like a grown up, almost like my sister Emily. She always is dressed like a working women, and this was my chance…I mean I even had visual aides. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Day TWO to come 🙂

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