I Am Not Perfect…Yet

Clare Vaterlaus: Becoming PerfectThere are many times in our lives that we will be happy. Our generation has taught us to capitalize on those moments. When we are happy we plaster our Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, and blogs ect with the current event in our life. I am guilty of this, and honestly quite good at it. I feel like most of my time is spent building up my social media (in reality social media is my job, so yes I spend a lot of time on it). I have become part of the crowd who must document everything and share it with the world. I know that is not something that is going to change any time soon, because I enjoy it. What I want to address is, sometimes I am not happy, sometimes I am sad. So many men and women become depressed when they see another person get engaged and they are not yet there in life. A mom who has lost her child may feel depressed when she see’s mothers constantly posting pictures of their overly-dolled up kids on their social media platforms. There are those who post about receiving the best gift a boyfriend/spouse could give, while the cat owners sit and envy you. There are so many things that we post that might make another feel inferior, or that their life means less. As I have thought about this I decided I wanted to break the mold. I wanted to share with you how sometimes my life doesn’t go right and it doesn’t have twists and turns to get it to the spot I want it. Sometimes it just is hard. This isn’t a post to make you feel bad for me, this is a post to let you know I’m human.

I have alluded to in the past that I have had health problems. Most of my health problems are based on trigger foods and stress. I am an extremely stressed person, I tend to stress myself out even when I am unaware of it. I always thought, it will get better it will get better. It has not, and it probably never will. It is something that I will have to live with. I would document it on Instagram but, nobody wants to see that! So sometimes I am in pain, and sometimes it makes me sad and angry. Over the past month I have had a cornucopia of people comment on my recent weight loss, and what my secret is to keep it off…This is my secret, get an undiagnosable, incurable, stomach/intestine problem. Warning: You will find no joy in eating. I am not perfect…yet.

I make mistakes. I am currently living with a majority of my family members. Most of us are adults, we have lived on our own, and have experienced life. What does that mean? We each have a right answer. I have found myself getting upset or responding rudely to my family members in the heat of the moment. I will say something I know is offensive, and after I feel so terrible. I don’t always say the nicest things. I am not perfect…yet.

I can struggle with being humble. I have thoroughly enjoyed living the #adultlife and I know that I flaunt it. It is exciting to make money and to build up a savings account, but I know that not everyone is in a situation that can do that. I am not perfect…yet.

Those are a few of my imperfections. I wanted to share them with you, so you know you are not alone. It is okay to make mistakes in life, you definitely don’t have to blog about them, but have relief that not everyone’s lives are perfect. Even though my life is not perfect, I am still happy, because I know one day I will be perfect. I know that after this life we may become perfect like our Heavenly Father, that is the reason I am happy. Until then, I will continue to try my hardest to become what I need to be, perfect. When we are happy, we are our prettiest, well according to Audrey Hepburn of course…

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