Catching the Bouquet

Catching the BoquetWinter break just ended, and we all know what that means, the wedding rush is over. It is the perfect time to have a wedding because it is during college student’s Winter break. I can’t disagree, the time works out perfectly. The wedding happens, the multiple receptions, the honeymoon, and then real life starts when the semester begins. During the holiday season I attended two weddings. They were both beautiful, cold, and full of family and friends. The receptions turned out picture perfect and the couples were beaming with excitement at the start of their new lives. At one of the weddings the bride followed the tradition of throwing the bouquet. I was thrown into the pile of girls to catch the bouquet. The bride threw it, and my hands stretched out, I caught it… Did I mention it was my boyfriend’s little sister’s wedding? Pressure much? It reminded me about the catch of 2012 and the second wedding, my sisters. At previous weddings I have attended, the bouquet toss could be compared to the hunger games. I never fully understood what it meant to catch the bouquet, I just knew I needed to catch it, I didn’t know there were any stipulations. The competitor in me comes out and I have to go for it. This particular bouquet toss that I am sure will be referenced at my funeral happened not too long ago and has been referred to as the catch of 2012 a time or two. It was my brothers wedding, and it was the first time I realized that catching the bouquet was a thing. My older sister and I were both single as could be and so we were shoved into the melting pot of girls all hoping to be the one to catch the flowers, thinking it was just some party favor. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I had no idea what would happen if I caught the bouquet and so I had no real passion, and then…I over-heard a friend of my new sister-in-law say she wanted to catch it so she would be the next to marry…. WHAT THE!? That was what magical power this glob of flowers carried? Standing in the mosh pit of girls, I decided I was already committed and if I got a husband out of it, I would consider it a win-win. My sister-in-law threw the bouquet. Once it left her hands, it was as if there was a BOGO sale on shoes at Nordstroms… CHAOS. I knew my only competition would be my older sister. The moment was fast, in my red, sister of the groom dress, I jumped for the bouquet and I had my fingers brush the stems, I thought Emily's wedding dayI’m next! Out of no where my sister body checked me to the ground. Her hands went for the bouquet, we ended up under a table taking out a chair.  Our dresses went up and I am sure people saw things that might make me blush if caught on camera (the photographer totally captured it). I checked my head for blood after my sister had tackled me to the hard floor. The good news of the bouquet debacle of 2012 was that my hands were still wrapped tightly around the long green steams, I was next. Now this whole thing sounds dramatic because it was. My sister and I still hear people talk about it (not always in the “impressed” tone our father uses to describe it). So it was official, I would be the next to be married according to the traditions from the 14th century. The reason I tell you this is because I can now consider myself a “myth buster.” Last weekend that sister who tackled me to the ground and came up bouquet-less tied the knot. She met her prince charming and together they started their lives. I am so happy for her and the person she has become. Her husband is one lucky guy, and we already love having him in the family. Together they will make great things happen, best wishes to you both!


First picture: Zach Mathers Photography-(not the catch of 2012)

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  1. The catch of 2012 cracked me up…Emily also made an epic scene when I threw my bouquet in 2005 in your backyard…she beat out my friend Sarah, and there was nothing left of the bouquet!


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