Life is Short and Then You Die

Edited by Kelley Armstrong

I give this book 4 out of 5 birds. This is such a TOUGH one to review because it’s not one author but many. But this book had me by hello. It’s all about first experiences with murder. I have yet to have my first, unless you include the time I found the body in the river during high school cross country… Beside the point. I’ll make it crystal clear, I have no plans to join the club unless it’s a zombie apocalypse. Out of the entirety of the book there were 3 I skimmed and maybe two I read and was like meh. The rest I enjoyed! There were a few that are still making me think.

One’s I really remember liking-
The Day I Killed Coach Duffy
In Plain Sight- this one I didn’t think I would like and ended up liking it the most!
Night of the Living Dog
Murder IRL

I’m sure I loved more than that- but those were ones I remember!

I was also surprised by Barry Lyga’s- I have read all his Killer series and wish he would have given me something other than more Billy Dent. I enjoy him as an author and was hoping for new stuff- not a rehash.

I enjoyed picking up a short story, finishing it, and moving on. Anthologies are a great thing!

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