The Hoolagans Above

My roommates and I live on the second floor. Which obviously means there are people above us, and people below us…In my years of living in student housing, I have mastered the skills of being seen but not heard. Unfortunately the girls that live above us have not. It usually occurs around midnight, that they must start either clogging or Irish dancing. The noise is incredibly annoying, however we have all learned to deal with it, and have said nothing so to keep the peace. Yesterday, one of my roommates was asked out on a date. A date that the rest of us had been pulling for. While all of us screamed for joy (like little school girls), one of my roommates started hitting things with a magazine. Just as I was making the connection that she was trying to kill a fly, a knock was heard. Not just any knock, but a fierce one. When we answered the door, it was one of our neighbors from upstairs. She had come to make sure we were alive, and to inform us that they could hear us up stairs… Most people would turn right back and yell at them for being loud. But we were just so impressed with how concerned they were about us and their responding time. It just looks like the next time it sounds like the circus is in town, I can run upstairs and just “check” on them.

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