This is me about 30 minutes prior to surgery…I can say I did not look this great 24 hours after… But I know your not judging me (said no one ever)… I had my surgery done at the Logan Specialty Hospital. The nurses were great, trying to set me and my brother up with all of their single family members, classic for us “old” single Utahans. I just wanted to point out some of the things I said while coming out of anesthesia. They were classic… At one point the Doctor came in and I started yelling, that a zombie apocalypse was upon us, and that we needed to get out of there. You can tell, the humans verse zombies week played a number on me. My second highlight would have to be when I rolled over and saw an icon on the computer that said “Thin Client.” I almost burst into tears, I shouted “I can’t be a thin client, my foot is too fat!” I just kept saying, “where is the fat client one?” Obviously society has played a major role on my body image, stupid People magazine, which my grandma reads religiously. I’m proud to say now that my foot has lost its post-op weight, and I can once again be considered a “Thin Client.” Miracles Happen.

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